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By taking care of your vehicles as if it was our own, we’re able to achieve a highly professional approach that takes our time with each and every client to get the results you and your car deserves. We aim to be respectful of our customers needs and not rushing them around in to something that they might not necessarily need, by listening and getting to know them. After decades of doing this, our clients can’t help themselves but sharing their results with other people.

A note from the founder

From a young age, I watched my father be very hands on. He was the type of person who seemed he could fix anything thanks to his mechanic background. It was almost like it was a puzzle that needed figuring out. I like to think I inherited and learnt a lot of that outlook and ability from him, and gain a ton of satisfaction from delivering a great solution.When he moved from being a mechanic into buying and selling cars, I would work with him to detail the cars from a very young age.

One day I was watching a detailing competition and was amazed by what the winner was able to do with the car, which inspired me to take my skills to the next level by getting trained up in Pennsylvania to become a great detailing and tinting specialist myself.

Ever since then, I’ve had the pleasure of owning my own shop, and been able to deliver those great results consistently with the same client base over the last 30 years. I’m looking forward to helping more people and show you what your cars potential truly is.

Hugo Liriano

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